The idea for Camp Phoenix was conceived in 2004.  Cliff Springs Camp was operated by the Diocese of Western Missouri and the Diocese of Missouri participated in their summer camp.  The Rev. Seamus Doyle and Charlie Caspari were representatives of the Diocese of Missouri on the Board of Cliff Springs.  The Diocese of Western Missouri decided to close the camp after the 2004 Season. At that last Board meeting in the early fall of 2004, Caspari decided that the Diocese of Missouri would benefit by operating its own camp.  The Rev. Doyle agreed. By the next morning, Caspari had a business plan prepared and a proposal ready to submit to the Diocesan Convention to begin a new ministry called Camp Phoenix.  By convention, Bob Daniels and the Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel had joined the effort.  After a $5000 anonymous gift to be used as seed money, they began the hard work of finding a new location and creating a new summer camp.  Camp Phoenix as we know it today, was up and running in 2005.

Many thanks and kudos are due to Charlie Caspari, the Rev. Seamus Doyle, Bob Daniels and the Rev. Ron Clingenpeel.  Without their vision and hard work, Camp Phoenix would not exist, countless memories would not have been made, scores of campers would have missed out on great experiences and personal growth.

Current Leadership

Camp Co-Directors

  • Brenda Butler 
  • Kevin Williams

Leadership Team

  • Pam Fadler
  • Paul Jokerst